Helping others through transformation

Presence and Process in Expressive Arts Work: At the Edge of Wonder, a book by Herbert Eberhart and Sally Atkins, is written for those of us who engage the expressive arts as a way to facilitate learning, growth, healing and change. A fresh and simply prepared book that is especially important now.cut-cardboard-then-painted-it

Its chapter on The Adventure of the Unknown explores and explains the uncertain and often fear-full space that opens when one begins to move from old patterns to new, unknown ones.  And shows how the process of art making can support safe transition and transformation.



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ArtBreak for children: Now more than ever

ArtBreak is a how-to guide for offering art-based play that allows children to explore, plan, and pursue their creative interests. Developed and tested for six years alongside small groups of 150+ children in Southeast Ohio, ArtBreaks lower child stress, support resilience and self-efficacy, build capacity for creativity, and offer a trauma-sensitive environment.

If you are thinking of ways to help children through times of change and transformation, consider checking out the book. It is written for anyone who supports children ages 4-12.

ArtBreak is available in bookstores, online, and from the Ohio University Press.

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ArtBreak at Paper Art Moon Studio

October ArtBreak “how to” workshop for grownups at Kristen Marra Marek’s Paper Moon Studio in Columbus. Thank you Susan Dlouhy for the pictures!

Paper Moon

Paper Moon Art Studio in Columbus.


FP-ing at Paper Moon Studio

The grownups all tried finger painting, a kinesthetic and expressive medium.


ziff at paper moon

Teaching about working with resistive media: collage, cardboard sculpture.

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Therapeutic riding at Windy Hills Farm

Such a pleasure to bring a finger painting ArtBreak to beautiful and historic Windy Hills Farm in Athens, Ohio for their Therapeutic Riding open house in March.

My friend and Athens psychologist Dr. Jeanne Heaton on her horse Patricia. A splendid day!

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ArtBreak on NPR “Teaching Matters”

A privilege to showcase ArtBreak with Dr. Scott Titsworth, Dean of Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication, on his show Teaching Matters. To listen follow this link to Episode 12, March 21 2017.



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If you’re mad, you calm down

A new study by the National Endowment for the Arts identifies many social and emotional benefits for children through participation in the arts, especially support for social skills and emotional regulation.

Children in ArtBreak tell us this too:

If you’re mad, you calm down.

We make new friends.

WEES spring 2011 ArtBreak 049.jpg

I learned I have to work calmly in here.


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New book

A “how-to” book  published by Ohio University/Swallow Press will be out in June thanks to so many people including Margaret King who encouraged the program from Day 1: ArtBreak: A Creative Guide to Joyful and Productive Classrooms 

ArtBreak book cover



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