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small world

My friend Luther Haseley en route back to Athens from the Outer Banks stopped in Edenton, North Carolina and met Debra Phelps of Abraca-Debra Sewing and Craft Studio. Debra has a sewing and craft studio for children, and Luther thought … Continue reading

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first day of Fall

A touch drawing image from my studio for the Fall equinox.  Information about touch drawing is at We sometimes bring out the TD boards, water based oils and brayers to do touch drawing in ArtBreak – the students who … Continue reading

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repurposing cardboard

We go through a lot cardboard in ArtBreak. It is used for constructions, collage background, handmade book covers, dinosaur feet, robot arms, paintings, drawings. So I collect cardboard boxes and used tri-fold project board and prep it for ArtBreak using … Continue reading

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teacher workshop

Yesterday after school teachers explored art all along on the expressive therapies continuum, with fluid media like chalk pastels, finger paint and watercolor; and   resistive media – marker, oil pastels, crayon. Lynn started some knitting. I could have stayed for another hour, … Continue reading

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the teachers are coming!

I’m excited about hosting an ArtBreak in-service for teachers at my school Thursday after school. Eleven teachers are coming! We will view a slide show about the Expressive Therapies Continuum and then have some fun in the studio.

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