repurposing cardboard

We go through a lot cardboard in ArtBreak. It is used for constructions, collage background, handmade book covers, dinosaur feet, robot arms, paintings, drawings. So I collect cardboard boxes and used tri-fold project board and prep it for ArtBreak using a mat knife and a long metal straightedge.


Voila. It is very satisfying to create a beautiful stack of cardboard that will be enticing to students.

Here is a good tutorial on collecting and working with cardboard. It gives technical tips useful for ArtBreak rather than “projects” for children to copy:


About Katherine Ziff

I live in Athens, Ohio where I am a clinical mental health counselor, writer, and exhibiting artist.
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2 Responses to repurposing cardboard

  1. Debra Phelps says:

    Thank you!

    Debra B. Phelps

    252-482-8517 H/O

    252 331-3034 Cell

  2. katherine ziff says:

    Very welcome.

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