small world

My friend Luther Haseley en route back to Athens from the Outer Banks stopped in Edenton, North Carolina and met Debra Phelps of Abraca-Debra Sewing and Craft Studio. Debra has a sewing and craft studio for children, and Luther thought we looked alike so he brought back her card for me. Actually I think Debra looks a lot younger than me, but anyway we are now swapping ideas as Facebook friends. Abraca-Debra is on FB.

Featured here is a photo from her FB page of children’s creative work in her studio.

Pictures of Edenton, on the Albemarle Sound, are here:

Who wants to go down for a visit!



About Katherine Ziff

I live in Athens, Ohio where I am a clinical mental health counselor, writer, and exhibiting artist.
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One Response to small world

  1. Debra Phelps says:

    Hi Katherine,

    This was a nice surprise. Things slowed down since school started. If you could FB this for me or go to Abraca-Debra Sewing and Craft Studio and like it or comment there maybe it would help. Thx and hope to meet you one day. Thx for sharing this and ideas.

    Debra B. Phelps

    252-482-8517 H/O

    252 331-3034 Cell

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