sewing: surprisingly relaxing

Sewing is one of the few media we use in ArtBreak that works across the span of the Expressive Therapies Continuum.  Designing, taking measurements and cutting out fabric are all second and third level activities that require cognitive and creative skills. The rhythm of hand stitching is a first level (kinesthetic) activity that both boys and girls are usually surprised to find very relaxing – and sociable when done in a group.


9ecc96949c26b5aa0bda0a107a16d279.jpgWe use basic stitching tips from the Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, available on the Alabama Chanin website here. For instance, we use needles double threaded with button craft thread and let our seams show because we are proud of our stitching.



About Katherine Ziff

I live in Athens, Ohio where I am a clinical mental health counselor, writer, and exhibiting artist.
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