when art is criminalized

Israel-Hernandez-Llach-600x600-300x300Graffiti (described as the un-commissioned word or image in public space by Alison Young in “Criminal Image, The Affective Judgment of Graffiti” in the journal Crime Media Culture ) is illegal in many places. Graffiti artists, championed by galleries and their work celebrated at prestigious museums like the Tate Modern, must bear the risk of their art working as they do with the ever present possibility of arrest.

On Tuesday 17 year old Miami Beach graffiti artist Israel Hernandez-Llach was tasered by police and died. The young man was an award-winning artist, his work exhibited at galleries and museums in the Miami area, and he was a gifted art student at Miami Beach High School. He had been spray-painting a boarded-up McDonalds.

We need some major public discussion about our culture that tolerates abandoned corporate storefronts and punishes – with his life – a graffiti artist who uses them as a canvas.

photograph from praag.org


About Katherine Ziff

I live in Athens, Ohio where I am a clinical mental health counselor, writer, and exhibiting artist.
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